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[RC] itching and loading - A. Perez

Two questions:  first, last year my TWH, Cy, started biting at
the girth while riding.  Most annoying, as he got my shin as
often as he got the girth.  I tried moving, loosening and
tightening the girth, all to no avail.  I finally switched to a
string girth, and he was fine.  Now this year, he is doing it
again!  He is clearly very annoyed as he stops dead in addition
to biting, and throws in a crow-hop or two for good measure.  I
am wondering if some sort of seasonal allergy is making it itchy
under the girth, and it cleared up last year when
what-ever-it-is quit blooming, not becuase of the new girth? 
There is no noticable different in the skin under the girth, but
he does have some very flaky areas on his neck and top-line.  I
bought yet another new girth with a plush cover, but it does not
help.  Any ideas?

Next: I just got a Brenderup Solo, and have been working on
getting Cy to load and unload.  He was trailered by his prior
owner (and myself on a friends two horse) just fine, this is a a
VERY small one-horse, and he is very leering of it.  He is good
about loading, just not STAYING on the trailer.  So far, he will
not go in ahead of me: I have to lead him, and if I leave his
head, he immediately backs out (I am working alone).  If
restrained in any way he fights, so I don't dare tie him before
I get the butt-bar up.... but how to do that of I can't leave
his head! So far I have just been leading him on and letting him
eat grain and carrots int he trailer while I praise him.  If he
backs off, I just let him, then lead him back on again.  I am
thinking about trying Ace, Quietex or some such thing to get him
to relax while in the trailer, as he is very nerved up in there
and backs out at the least little thing.  Ideas?


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