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Re: [RC] [RC] vaccinations - GoTory

We had about 20 horses vaccinated with the FD 5 way... after sharing all the 
RideCamp info with our vet.. Unfortunately, despite our efforts to find 
another manufacturer, all were sold out.  The vet clinic who was the first in 
our area to return their supply to FD after having so many reactions gave me 
a price of $100 for me to buy ONE dose of Pfizer 3 way...  no thanks!!
Out of the 20 or so, about 3 had reactions  that were significant enough to 
comment on. Despite our vet giving the 5 way in the pecs, these 3 were so 
stiff they could barely walk.  All recovered uneventfully within a few days.  
About 2/3s  of the 20 had fairly large fluid accumulations swinging from the 
injection site, a few got firm and warm, but no abcesses thus far.
Have been led to believe that perhaps the "culprit" this year is the rhino... 
apparently in an effort to reduce the frequency with which that vaccine 
needed to be repeated- up to every 3 or 4 months for horses at risk due to 
show travel, etc, they made the vaccine several times stronger to 
theoretically last a year.  I did not confirm this with Fort Dodge, so this 
is hearsay only, but makes sense to me.
Next year I will plan to order my vaccines in January from another 
I really appreciate all the input on this topic from so many!

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