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[RC] Update for Paint Horses in Endurance - Lysane Cree

Hi all, 

I just got a phone call from Amy Foester from the
American Paint Horse Association, she is in charge of
the Paint Alternative Competition Program. You might
remember that there had been discussion on ridecamp on
how the existing program did not reflect the realities
of the sport and points were nearly impossible to
accumulate. Well, I got lots of interesting
information from those of you who belong to breed
organizations that do reward mileage, completion etc.
for endurance and competitive trail. And positive
feedback from some of you Paint horse owners out
there. And I finally sent out a detailed letter
explaining why the program should be changed, sending
a copy also to the Paint Horse Journal. 
It just goes to show that speaking your mind does have
an effect. The Paint Horse Association is seriously
considering revising its current program to reflect
the realities of the sport. I have again suggested to
Amy that she post a message to ridecamp too and obtain
feedback from all of you experienced people, I am just
a newbie. An informed newbie thanks to ridecamp, but a
newbie just the same. :)   
Of course any changes could not come into effect
before 2004 because they will have to be discussed
with the executive committee, but I am surprised that
things have moved so quickly. I figured I had better
start now and maybe by the time my Paint is 4 (3 years
from now), there might be change. I guess I
under-estimated the APHA!
Their suggestion currently is to award 1 credit for
completion of 25-49 miles, 2 credits for 50-99 miles
and 3 credits for 100 and more miles (so multi-days
would be included). Presumably if they are awarding
credits, then an ROM (Register of Merit) would be
possible to achieve. I forgot to ask that though - I
will e-mail her. They would also give 1 credit for a
horse that gets Best COndition. And they are
considering points to the Top Ten horses, rather than
the top 6 as they do now under the current show-points
Doesn't this sound great?!  I also suggested awards
for  "lifetime/accumulated miles", such as at 500
miles, 1000 miles, etc.
And once again, please, please, give Amy lots of
feedback even if you do not have a Paint horse...I
know you are not shy when it comes to voicing
opinions, so this will be the time! :)
She said she would try to post in the upcoming weeks.


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