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Re: [RC] vaccinations - Truman Prevatt

My experience with a couple different vets I have used over the years is some do report reactions some don't. Heck my current vet didn't even want to pull blood and send it off for my second West Nile case since he said, " I've seen over 100 cases and haven't been wrong yet and this is classic." He did not see a reason why I had to pay for a test since there was no question in his mind. I suspect he probably doesn't report vaccine reactions unless they are severe. A vet I used some years ago before we moved out of their area I am sure did not report reactions unless they were severe. I asked about it after we had a pretty bad reaction to the Potomac Horse Fever vaccine. His comment was, "why report it just don't give it any more."

I also probably believe that the reporting by vets is probably more spotty than reporting by MD's. Then there is the added factor that many shots are given by owners to their own horses and reactions are most likely don't get into the system. Spotty reporting makes the FDA's job more difficult but I suspect it's a fact of life.


Onefarmgirl@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Susan

All the recent talk about vaccine reactions has me wondering..... do the reactions get reported to the manufacturer by veterinarians?

Human vaccine reactions are supposed to be reported, tho of course not all are. But still, if enough are ADR (adverse drug reaction) forms are filed, the manufacturer is required to re-evaluate.

I know things are sometimes blown out of proportion on the internet, but it seems as if there are more reactions this year than I have heard of in the previous ten years combined. I know several folks locally who have had problems. Could the manufacturer of the 5way or other common product have changed preservatives or something?


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Re: [RC] vaccinations, Onefarmgirl