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[RC] herdbound, different problem - Karen Bratcher

My horse is herdbound also, but I have no trouble riding him away from home.  Of course he goes as pokey as he can til we are out of sight, and whinnies a little, then he is fine.  Coming home is okay too, I have done the circling thing a LOT, the last mile in is sometimes more like 3 miles of circling :-D  I just count it as suppling exercise and extra miles :-D  But he is getting lots better, the last ride out from home he walked the last mile in on a loose rein with only a couple of reminder circles.
We've done a lot of trail miles over the last 5 years, but only two LD's, back in 1999; I hope to complete a couple of 50's this year.  He is 11 years old and was started when he was 6.
My problem is, if he is with another horse while riding, ANY other horse even one he's never seen before, and the other horse leaves, he goes nuts.  If we are halted and I am on him and hold him back with the reins he does a good attempt at courbettes.  If he is tied he screams, paws, and lunges to the end of the rope in all possible directions, including up; bucks, and kicks.  If the other horse leaves completely, he settles down.  But if they are out of sight but within hearing he continues the behavior.  At home tied to the trailer, he throws a fit even if his pasture buddies are standing in plain sight 20 feet away.  My only thought is to leave him there anyway and let him dig a hole to China if he can manage it, and not let him go until he settles down, even if it takes all day?
When riding behind another horse, he panics if I try to hold him back, he only feels secure right on their tail.  He is fine being in the lead, he does not "have to" follow another horse.  I've ridden him alone a lot, and when I do find someone to go with me on fun rides, often I end up in the lead.  But if he IS behind another horse and I wanted to fall further behind, I think I'd have to stop and tie him to a tree til they got a long ways away.
I think I've found a once-a-week riding partner if you have any suggestions for exercises to do while riding him with another horse. 
Thanks for any help,
Karen Bratcher
Athol, Idaho