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[RC] Ponce de Leon- - Live and Learn Part 5 - Jen Bramhall

An hour later I went in for BC (Best condition) knowing I wouldn't receive it, not only because of my weight but because Michele had such a tremendous lead on me. I bumped into Laura and almost congratulated her, before she told me that she had been pulled and I was 2nd place. I was shocked, happy and sad all at the same time. There were a lot of rocks on the trail, and I understood that it was quite easy to be pulled in this weather. War Cry looked a little tired as he trotted into his figure eights but he was very hydrated and had great gut sounds. Lucy was next, and her horse looked fantastic! I was so happy and had a feeling that she would most defiantly get it, but the time between her and the winner was kind of long, so it was a 50-50 chance.
    After putting the horses away, we headed for the oysters and drinks that seemed to be an annual thing here. Then I saw Sam, crying. I could only expect the worst, after completing 64 miles, she had been pulled? but after talking to her, it was a slight bob, but she hadn't given up yet. After watching her (there was really nothing I could do) she went back to the vet check with a smile. She was able to continue, but had no sponsor! She had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours for a sponsor, or pull. She had decided to wait it out, and I was proud of her. She went over the rules with Kim, and knew that she had to wait, because there was still an eligible sponsor.
    I was hanging out with Ashley for most of the time, until the Awards and dinner. I spotted Sam, and she told me she completed! I was SO proud (GO SAM!!!!!!!!). but we were waiting for this man named Ed, who had ridden in the 75 JUST for everyone to get the points, because if you have under 10 riders, you don't get the full amount of points. So we all decided to wait for him to get back, because he was due back in about 10 minutes. The other staff brought four wheelers, and lights so we could all "see" him come in.
    After "wrestling" with Michele for the seat on the four wheeler, talking for about 10 minutes, and hushing while we saw a shadowy figure of a horse, we all screamed and clapped for Ed while he came in. He looked so touched as everyone took his horse and gave him a beer, and to see everyone out there just for him. But after he rode 75 miles for other people to get points, we had to do SOMETHING!
    We all went back and he went through the vet check, looking great (after all who could pull a a guy who just rode a 75 for other people to receive POINTS?!). Afterwards, we all came back a settled down as the awards came in. Kay, a good friend of my dad's won the 75 and I screamed (as much as I could even though I lost my voice) for her and Sam as each one went up. As Kim made her ways through the 50's, I swear I've never heard my parents scream as hard as they did when Kim called my name for second place. I was so happy to finish? and Lucy did get Best Condition! I was so happy to have a great horse, and family to support me. Thanks for reading and happy trails!~!~!