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[RC] Stewart Dell - Trail's End - Richard Theodore

Just to let you know, if you haven't heard already that Stewart Dell, the
owner of Trails End Competitive Equine Solutions here in California, is
recovering from an accident on his horse on April 19th.  Stewart was at the
CSHA endurance clinic on April 12th and I ordered a skito equalizer saddle
pad from him.  Stewart let me take a blue skito home to try, I was ordering
a burgundy.  I intended to return the blue one, but my husband, Rich decided
that it would work fine for him. The following was an email I received this
am regarding keeping the blue pad. I received my burgundy pad on April 25th.

{Dear Mary Darlene:

Today's the first day really out of bed. I can barely be up for longer than
an hour at a time.  Saturday before last, my horse slipped on a very
slippery slope, I jumped off, tripped on a manzanita branch after my feet
were on the ground, fell over the edge of a very rocking slope, broke my
neck, cracked my head a few times along with various other cuts and
contusions, got air lifted to a hospital in Bakersfield where there's this
doctor that does this radical new surgery where they fuse the vertebra using
neck bones of a cadaver.  They say it cuts down the recovery time from 6
months to 6 weeks.  I'm taking off the neck brace today.  We're hoping for
no nerve damage.  Then on top of it the computer network went down the day
after the accident so no orders were filled since I manage the network.}

I just spoke to Stewart on the phone and he related that he had to walk a
ways to get his cell phone signal to call 911.  They located him by his
phone call signal and were there in an hour.  He said he was bleeding so
much that he would have bled to death if they had not gotten to him in the
time they did.  Also he stated that the only doctor, on the west coast, that
does the neck surgery with the cadaver bones lives in Bakersfield,
California not far from where Stewart was.

If you feel so inclined, drop Stewart & Cheryl an email or card of support
in this difficult time.

You can email him at the following or go to the Trails End website at:
Stewart Dell [sdell@xxxxxxxxxxxx]

We are so fortunate to be in the US with incredible technology available to
Mary Darlene Theodore

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