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[RC] Maalox Question - KimFue

I was having a discussion with a friend about using Maalox in their electrolytes.  We have a couple questions for those using Maalox
1.  Why do you put Maalox in electrolytes?
2. If it is to coat/neutralize the horses stomach don't you have to use a LOT (meaning bottles) of Maalox because it is formulated for humans?
3. If it is to neutralize the acidity of the electrolytes we would like to know if anyone has checked the PH of the electrolytes they are using to see if they are acidic. Also did any one who measured the PH figure out how much Maalox it takes to neutralize their particular brand of lytes?
4. From what I read on one Ridecamp post, it seems someone is using two syringes of Maalox to one syringe of electrolytes....wouldn't this mess up the mineral balance of the electrolytes you are using?
5. Please let us know if you are using the Maalox because "so & so" used it in their electrolytes and it worked for them so I decided to try it. 

We are just trying to figure out how the Maalox thing in electrolytes got started and if there is any basis in using this other than it makes us feel good.