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[RC] [Guest] saddle reccomendation - Ridecamp Guest

On Behalf Of LTYearwood@xxxxxxx

hi there!

my name is lori.

i have an arabian gelding named vashka. i bought him a year and a half ago
the age of 6. i bought him from a lady who told me she had ridden him
but that she had gained too much weight to ride him. she looked about 300
pounds and my horse is 15 hands so i believed her.
turns out vashka was being sold because he was a western show horse, level
three dressage -- which is pretty high -- and the reason they were selling
him is because they had crammed all this training into his body and ruined
his right hock.

i found this out a YEAR LATER when i couldn't keep him sound, either. i
vets who did accupuncture on him. i tried a crosby saddle and a county
saddle. thousands of dollars later, i ran into a man who used to compete
against vashka and remembered him in the show ring as the horse no one had
been able to keep sound.

turns out this man was a ferrier, who began shoing my horse, who also had
little if any heels becasue of the pads the previous owners put in him
kept his heels from growing.)

at the same time, i met lari shea, who won the tevis cup and told me to try
the free 'n easy saddle.

everyone, including the ferrier, was skeptical about the saddle. they called
it a fad. i was desperate and since it had a 3 week trial period in which i
would get all my money back excpet for the delivery charges to send it back,
i bought it from marlene at moss rock endurance.

the results were amazing.

vashka, who always bucked before and always showed signs of a sore back no
matter what i did, virtually stopped bucking.

his back stopped being sore.

and his trot, which he never wanted to do because it strained him too much,
opened way, way out.

i now have a horse i can ride about 50 miles a week. he is still a tiny bit
off. but he isn't in pain.

while ALL of the results aren't because of the saddle -- a good ferrier and
food supplments for glucosomine have become part of the program -- i believe
the saddle has been a HUGE step in the right direction.

vashka isn't girthy anymore.
vashka trots
vashka can be ridden.

i dont' care if it's a fad
it's a fad that works.

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