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Re: [RC] [RC] Ulcers/Conv. notes - Laurie Durgin

In my notes from the convention it was like 100% of race horses that had raced in the last 2 months. (92% of ill horses, 52% of normal horse and 82% of performance horses , (in their lifetimes get them.)
Low prevalenace of ulcers in horses at pasture. Decreased acid when roughage fed. Increased gastric acid when concentrates fed. Intermintent feed deprivation= ulcers . Stall confinement=the longer confined each day the higher the risk of ulcers. Feeding Alfalfa hay may help, it buffers stomach for up to 8 hours after.If withhold feed 24 hours =ulcers , stress, illness, pain, transport, unfamiliar enviornment, NSAIDS, changing social order=more likely to get ulcers.
Prevention=turned out as much as possible, freechoice hay/ roughage.Keep horse social order familiar(dont' switch pasture mates around )let them have their "herd".
Signs of Ulcers.:Poor appetite, poor body condition, attitude changes, decrease in performance, mild to moderate colic. Clinical Signs.Lab. Mild Anemia.Response to treatment can be useful.Gastric endoccopyis only definite tool to diagnose.
Treatment. must reduce leverl of training, diet modifications, Limit periods of fastilng, increase roughage, alphalfa hay, reduce grains and concentrates. Limit stress.Antacids, antisecretory agents, Histame H2 receptor antagonists(duh?)a Postaglandin analog(?), PTT, Acid ? IInhibiors, prilesec, Nexum="gastroguard" Omeprazole, 1x a day , well studied , very effective. or Zantac or Tagent (not as effective) with blood histamine recepter 3x a day(lower cost). Some horses do have a bacterial cause..They said the Neutriceticals are iffy, probably don't work.
Can use Maalox with your electrolites as much as 2 syringes full for one regular dose(of electrolytes.)She said her horse likes Cherry. This may help buffer during a ride.I THINK she said 4-1 Maalox to electrolyte.
Correct me if I am wrong. These are from my notes and it got sloppy writing so fast. Laurie and RAscal

From: "Linda Klingerman" <elite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: "Linda Klingerman" <elite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Ulcers
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 11:40:23 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time)

In an article in "The Horse" (April 2003 "Exercise and Ulcers: Is it the
Norm?") there is information about ulcers in the working horse. What I
gather from this article is that exercise forces the acid from the lower
part of the stomach (where it is intended) up into the upper part of the
stomach, where it causes the damage to the stomach lining. The article
says " which could be why ulcers develop or worsen in horses in training
(affecting more than 80% of performance horses in studies)".
So, as we are conditioning our horses as we are supposed to are we also
creating ulcers? And if this is so common or unavoidable in "working"
horses, then why is the medication to help the horse be more comfortable not
allowed by the AERC (when it has been found to be in the best interest of
the horse by other organizations)? I found the 80% number to be quite

Any input?

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