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[RC] [Guest] Bob Marshall and other "alternative" saddles - Ridecamp Guest


Mistylee (and group),

Your horse sounds like he could use more than a new saddle.  I trained my
arab myself, but when he started displaying similar behavior to your horse
we stopped and backed up.  I had moved too quickly and not repeated simple
lessons enough.  Just because I could get a saddle on him and head out to
the trail didn't mean he was ready for it.

I also have checked here often for information on treeless or "alternative
saddles for my green Arab.  My Arab has a different set of problems, and I
am a very different rider.  I am 5'7" 150#, and he is a solid 15 hand polish
bred with prominant shoulders and the shortst back I have ever seen.  Ponies
have more back space that he does!  But I love him so, on the saddle quest
we go.

There are many variations to the "Bob Marshall" treeless.  I have only
ridden in the Barrel type.  The stirrups are set too far forward for my
taste, but I am used to rding in a dressage saddle.  If you felt the
endurance model pommel was too low, consider the "schooling/training" model.
It is basically the Barrel model without the horn, same high steep cantle
and pommel which made me feel very secure.  www.sportsaddle.com has a great
web site that helps you to better understand the different choices and how
to measure for fit.  Though the links on some of the pages do not work,
which is annoying.

That said there are other "treeless" choices.  Torsion, by Lag horse, is
made in Europe somewhere and sold in the US on www.gotreeless.com.  It looks
pretty good, but I was concerned that it didn't have enough pommel or cantle
to help me keep my seat the next time my guy wigs out because the breeze
blew in siberia.  I have recently found a new one, which I would love to
hear any feedback on.  It is a "Mackinder" (www.mackindersaddlery.com), made
in australia.  It is pricey ($$$$) but I like the way it looks like it is
built, it may have the quality design I am looking for. Might have to sell a
hose to buy one though...  Know anyone that wants a silly 4 yr old

Just my $.02.  Would love to have someone sponser an alternative saddle


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