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[RC] [RC] Garmin GEKO - DreamWeaver

Is anyone using this new one?
How does it compare to others?
Becky and the gang

hi Becky -- Do you want a GPS to take on the 2004 ride? If you do get one make sure you get the 201 model since it will hold 500 waypoints and 20 routes. You don't want anything that will hold less than that. The fact that it does have an alert to let you know that you are off trail is not necessarily all that great, we found the alarms annoying when you would go off trail for any reason it beeps and lets everybody know exactly where you are (and when something is beeping, people do look). This won't matter if you aren't following a trail marked with GPS though. If the trail is wide enough, it'll beep and annoy you often enough you'll disable it anyway. :+>

For me, the screen on this one would be impossible to read and actually use while riding. I have ridden with a few different models of GPS's, and personally I like the GPS Map 76 about the best because of the size! It's large enough that it fits well in a shirt pocket or a saddle pack and will stay in your hand, plus it takes an external antenna. I have a hard time with the smaller ones, they want to fall on the ground, slip out of my pockets or bags and I don't like the smaller screens. You might find the opposite though. If you'd like to borrow one of my GPS's sometime this year let me know. I just have to find where they are (ha ha).

Anyway, from the garmin page here is the difference between the Map76 and the Geko:

GPS MAP76 model:
Waypoints/icons: 500 with name and graphic symbol, 10 nearest (automatic), 10 proximity
Routes: 50 reversible routes with up to 50 points each, plus MOB and TracBack® modes
Tracks: Automatic track log; 10 saved tracks let you retrace your path in both directions
Basemap: Detailed basemap with cities, highways, interstates, exit info, rivers, lakes; Preloaded with worldwide cities, navaids, and U.S. tide data
Uploadable Maps: Accepts up to 8 megabytes of downloaded map detail from a variety of optional <http://www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/>MapSource CDs**

Geko model 201:
Waypoints/icons: 500 with name and graphic symbol
Routes: 20 reversible x 125 legs/route
Tracks: 10,000 trackpoints and 20 saved tracks; automatic track log; TracBack® lets you retrace your path
Trip odometer: Current speed, average speed, time of sunrise/sunset, resetable maximum speed, trip timer, and trip distance; has separate, configurable trip computer screen
Tables: World time zones

I don't see any mention in the Geko of having a basemap or any storage for downloading your own maps. I like having those basemaps. I also use my man overboard option a lot!! This is getting a little outdated, but it might give you some ideas of what you need in a gps: http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos/GPS.html


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