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[RC] eithics - oddfarm

It isn't about endurance people not having any ethics, it is people in general.
What a dirty deal. I feel for you. It is a hard, heart wrenching lesson learned.
You could offer to buy the horse back at the higher price, maybe through a friend since the new owner won't return your calls. If that is not possible, there really isn't much else to do.
Next time (if ther eis one) you can always write up a contract specifying that if the buyer changes their mind, the seller has first right of refusal. But that doesn't help your situation now.
Too many horse owners don't realize how stressful it is to move a horse from barn to barn, herd to herd, human to human. I always think of foster kids when I see a horse that has been in 5 different barns in one year. Then the owner wonders why the horse is an emotional basket case.
I hope your horse does ok. I feel for you but how were you to know?
The majority of us in this sport genuinly care about all horses, not just our own.
Lisa Salas, the Odd Farm