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[RC] containment - June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf

Ok, I know that this has been discussed alot lately but, I have a question
to those o fou who don't like electric fencing....How do you protect your
horse from getting tangled in their ties when on those over head arms???
The last rides of the season Mike ran more than once to help a horse get
free of the tie when they had their back leg caught over the tie.  On 1
occasion with a picket line set up the horse had gone to scratch and somehow
got the tie rope caught between his hoof and shoe.  Luckily Mike being a
farrier had his hoof knife close by unfortunately the horse pulled a muscle
and could NOT compete the next day.  At the Nationals a friend's horse got
caught with his rope around his back leg and rope burned himself so bad that
he too could not compete.

I know the overhead ties are quick and easy to set up and I wouldn't mind
going that route but, I've just seen too many horses getting hurt by getting
caught on the ties.  For our electric fencing we like to use what the horses
have at home;  which is the 1 1/2 in white tape and we use the longer step
posts and make their pens using 2 strands.  Yes, we have had one horse go
through that (a new horse that we did tie after that to the trailer)...but,
for the most part have had extremely good experiences this way.  We also
tried once to put 2 horses in one pen and decided that separate pens are far
better....less bickering between horses...as I think they like their space.
One thing we also found is we use those "tiki" lights at night and the
horses actually seem to like the added light.  they seem more content at
night when those are lit.

Equine Enterprises
June Scheunemann
Mike Bernsdorf
10315 Hwy J
Cato, WI 54230

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