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Re: [RC] [RC] Iraqui horses - Maureen A. Fager

I heard that story also. I was impressed by the reporter, John Burnett as he sounded like he knows something about horses, as he used the words "chestnut" and "halter." This isn't meant to sound cynical, but for many folks, chestnut and halter are way technical when you don't know horses :)

Re: [RC] Iraqui horses


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I heard the tail end of that story, too. I went looking and found the story
on NPR's website. It was part of a bit from John Burnett traveling with
units of the First Marine Division. He was able to take a tour of parts of
eastern Baghdad. Here is the part we would be interested in:

"Remarkable scene happened when I went to... The Republican Guard has their
own stables where they keep their calvary
horses. And so...but they're gone now, the Republican Guard has fled. And so
I walked over there with some marines. And
there were all these young men coming out of the apartment buildings, trying
to catch these horses, these beautiful
chestnut horses. And they had halters and they were running around and it
reminded me of a Texas rodeo calf scramble, you know, being dragged by the
horses. Some of them successfully riding them bareback. Others just kinda
running in circles, shouting at them. And then they were inside the offices
of the rep guard stables, beating up pictures of Saddam..." - John Burnett
traveling with units of the First Marine Division.

Nashville, TN

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