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Re: [RC] Where to find leads with a loop instead of snap? - Linda B. Merims

...when I was a kid on the ranch, we ALWAYS used a loop instead of a snap to attach leadropes to halters, because if a horse set back, it was most often the snap that broke, and we didn't ever want that to happen...
Yes, I can see that. 
This is the old "Do you want the halter(lead, snap) to
break, or do you want it to hold?" issue.  I've
never finally made up my mind about this one.
As a kid in Massachusetts, learning from Mr. Briggs who
was x-cavalry, the principle was always "If a horse
wants to get loose that bad, you want him to be able
to, or he'll hurt himself."  So, we were taught
to never, ever use a web halter, and to always use
a leather halter, so it would break when it had to.
You can always catch the horse.
On the other hand, there does seem to be times
when it is going to be more dangerous to the horse
(and everybody else) if he *does* get loose.
Reading Angie's stories about "caballo solo's"
and the havoc they can wreak in camp (also remember
what happened to D. Wayne Lucas' son), and about
the time when all those horses got loose at
Front Royal and ended up on US 81, or if I
had to get a horse out of a trailer next to
a busy road, it would seem that there are times
that, if a horse wants to panic, he's just going
to have to take himself down.
Luckily, I've never had a horse that habitually
set back, and I've only worked with one that
did (the solution to him was to always have
someone hold him), so I've never faced this
issue square-on.
Food for thought.
Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA
P.S. I was guessing maybe that it was because it was
lighter to carry a lead without a snap in one's
fanny pack!

[RC] Where to find leads with a loop instead of snap?, Linda B. Merims
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