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Fw: Re: [RC] [RC] Bridling a horse... - Shelley Kerr

Ditto here.  I do alot of trail riding and it's convenient leaving the halter on under the bridle, etc, etc.  I think my family is the only people who do the gaming with their halters under their bridles. :-)  That's how serious we are about barrel racing.  Not a big deal to us.  The horses get use to it and saves on buying a nose tiedown.  Just use the halter. 
-------Original Message-------
Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 11:02:15 AM
Subject: [RC] Bridling a horse...
Well, I have been getting into a bad habit over all the years. Some say
I'm lazy, others say I'm just a ride and tier....
I don't take off the halter when I bridle a horse. I always ride with
the halter on. Two reasons. One: in ride and tie I want to use the
halter to tie him to a tree (him because I really don't want to own any
more mares except Clown..) as to use just the bridle and he gets into
trouble could really hurt him. Two: even though it is not "correct" I
have always thought it safer not having a horse the option of breaking
away. Maybe that is because I started off with Rushcreek horses that
were rank and new.
Any ways, that is what I do, simply put the bridle over the halter,
leave it on all the time that I am working him and save time twice, not
having to do the exchange in putting on, then taking off said bridle.
Steve Shaw

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