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Re: [RC] SCID testing - Heidi Smith

Best price for SCID testing is to do it through F.O.A.L.  You can get order info from their website at www.foal.org .  Cost is $99.  They will send you kits for cheek/gum scraping unless you specify that you prefer to draw blood.
Why would being a SCID carrier preclude this mare from being bred?  If she is, indeed, a carrier, one has to ascertain that the stallion to whom she is bred is not a carrier.  If she is a mare of high quality, it would be a shame to throw away the rest of her genetic material because of one gene.  As long as a carrier is never bred to another carrier, you can never produce an affected foal.  And while there is a 50-50 chance that the foal may likewise be a carrier, there is also a 50-50 chance that the foal will be clear.  The gene in its heterozygous state has NO negative effect on the individual.  Equine geneticists with a far better understanding of population genetics than what I have even urge people not to simply reject carriers out of hand as breeding stock, but rather to simply consider carrier status to be one fault among many, and consider it like any other fault in planning breedings.  With gradual reduction of the genetic frequency over several generations rather than abrupt reduction by eliminating carriers from the gene pool out of hand, there is less chance of unmasking other lethals for which we do NOT have a test, as well as less chance of losing a great deal of positive genetic material along with the SCID gene.
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Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2003 2:49 PM
Subject: [RC] SCID testing

I'm posting this for my friend Liz:
I have an 8-year old Arabian mare whose dam is a SCID carrier.    I want to test my mare to see if she is a carrier (which would preclude me from breeding her).      The only resource I have found is a mail-order DNA test kit that sells for around $130.00   and which uses cheek cell scrapings as its source of genetic material.                    Ahoy, Ridecampers!       Does anybody have any other resources and/or information that tells me how accurate these tests are?    We are located in central California.        Thanks,       Liz Carey and  Basia princessbasia@xxxxxxxxx

[RC] SCID testing, Typef