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Re: [RC] political posts - Truman Prevatt

I sure hate to get into this, but I must point out that there is sufficient evidence that Hussein is up to his ears in supporting terrorism that many people feel he is as much a threat as Bin Ladin. Hussein awards the families of anyone killed in a suicide attack on innocent Israelis a good size chunk of change ( the equivalent of $20,000 I believe it was). He's paid this out many times. He has also made the offer to terrorist killing Americans.

He has used weapons of mass description against his neighbors (Iran in the Iran/Iraq war) and his own citizens - he would use them against us if given the chance. He planned an assassination attempt of George Bush Sr. when he visited the Middle East after he was out of office. For that then President Clinton pounded Iraq with cruse missiles. So to many he and Bin Ladin are cut from the same cloth. The only question is how to deal with him. Some think that the current approach is the correct one. Some don't. However, the rest of your statement I totally agree with.

For those of us that remember the divisive Viet Nam war, the cries of some of the war protesters calling those that chose to go to serve their country as, "baby killers," didn't add anything positive to the debate. And neither did the calls to "love it or leave it" that came from the other side. I sure hope we don't deteriorate into similar arguments and name calling on this war, but I am not very optimistic. During that war I was dead set against the policy that got us there, but I spent many days of my life sneaking round in the jungle at night behind enemy lines planting sensors to help our pilots come back alive. So these issues are not black and while.

Back to distance riding.


A. Perez wrote:

ingnorance (and an inability to realize that Ossama Bin Ladin from Saddam Hussein= are in fact two different people).

Intelligent, informed individuals may come to diametrically opposing views. The appropriate response to that is reason, not insult. Failing that, it is best to respectfully agree to disagree.

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[RC] political posts, A. Perez