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Re: [RC] KEMOSABI - Heidi Smith

I'm am NO authority whatsoever on breeding of bloodlines, but Cal Poly
a piece of the Khemo syndicate when I was there and had a fair number of
Khemo get around.  Just in idle observations, when he was bred to the
Bask-bred mares, *I* thought the foals were lacking in substance and had a
fair number of bean brains to boot.  When bred to CMK mares, lots of
substance and much nicer to handle as well.  The current administration at
the time found the latter crop "disappointing" as they wanted high trots,
but I would have happily taken home several, if I'd had the room in the
barn.  Interestingly, none of the "successful" former crosses remained in
the breeding herd.


Your observations are pretty similar to what many of the rest of us
observed, ie that he wasn't particularly prepotent, and hence tended to
produce the mare.  Yes, if bred to good, substantial CMK mares, he tended to
sire quite well.  That's why many of us consider him to be a rather
"neutral" influence in a pedigree--he does no harm, he was a reasonably
conformed horse and well-balanced, and he didn't tend to take away from
qualities that the mares had to contribute.  (Nor did he do a lot to fix the
faults, on the other side of the coin.)  I'd also suspect that he had some
innate toughness to him.  But there really needs to be something else in the
pedigree that is a positive to make it an "endurance pedigree" IMO.

Just a correction to an earlier post that I didn't address, but your post
reminds me of it--it wasn't Kellogg that "measured" Khemo--it was Cal-Poly.
Although Kellogg donated his place and program to Cal-Poly, the latter
entirely altered the breeding program, so there is really very little
resemblance between the two, other than the facility and the fairly recent
token so-called "Heritage Herd"--which still isn't very representative of
the overall Kellogg program, although it has some nice individuals with at
least some Kellogg breeding.


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