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Re: [RC] Epiphysitis - Lysane Cree


Can someone give me more details on what epiphysitis
is? Saw this mentioned in the post on joint disease
and young horses (great post by the way, Susan G). 
Having had one older horse with joint problems (didn't
know too much about his background, but someone said
he was a barrel racer and he developed problems as he
got older), I am very paranoid about doing everything
right for my young filly. Due to my older horse's
joint problems I began reading a whole lot on DJD and
OCD. Don't know much about epiphysitis though. Is it
hard swellings on the fetlock area? And is it caused
by same things as DJD?
Now I am so careful about what I am feeding my filly
(Equine Junior Development by Purina and lots of grass
hay) and making sure she has plenty of exercise, I
just hope she will be fine :)

While on the issue of joint disease, what is the
opinion on longe line classes for yearlings? I was
very surprised to see this offered, but then noticed
that the handler only has 1.5 minutes to present the
horse on the longe line. So its probably only one
circle at each gait in both directions. And the circle
I think is at 20 feet if I remember right.
I am going to do a few classes of halter and
showmanship with my filly this summer as something to
do for fun and experience, but I am really hesitating
on the longe line class. My gut feeling is not to do
it. My long-term goal for her is as a distance horse,
so I want to give her the best possible chance to do
that without stressing her joints.

and Mae West

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