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[RC] Khemosabi - Kat Forst

I love Khemo lines, when crossed right.  One of my favorite Khemo Xs is with Raffon lines.  If you take a look at me website, my stallion is a 2ble Khemo breed with Raffon in the same generation. 'Sonny's' sire, Khe-Raffon was the Grandson of both Khemo and Raffon.  He is a good looking horse.  Khemo was conformationally great.  If you have ever heard that horses should be square, same length back as down? The Kellog's measured Khemosabi, since they did a whole dedication day (with lots of Khemo info, as well as an extended explanation of his pedegree), you can watch it via the web at http://video.csupomona.edu/WKKArabianEvents/2001.htm

I believe he was only 1/4 of an inch off from being perfect! I also know that Khemo was homzygous Bay, so he could only produce greys and bay.  I also know that Khemo put out a LOT of foals, but his successfull siring percentage is amazing for any horse.  When I look at studs, I try to find out their %, not numbers, sure if you hear that the stallions sired 200 champions then you are impressed. Then you find out that he's sired a total of 700, or a total of 400, which makes you happier? 

Horses are like anything else, study the pedegree all you want, you still probly won't get what you thought.  Anyways, I suggest watching the Kellog video, you don't have to download anything.  I like my Khemo decendant, and many others do too.

Kat d. Forst

Night Star Arabians

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