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RE: [RC] virus and rides - Snodgrass, Bonnie

Deb, from what I've read, outbreaks of this form of the herpes virus is very rare, short-lived and doesn't seem to spread thru the countyside. There was a short small outbreak affecting a few horses in PA last year. This is not a new virus, it has been around for a while. I would think the only fears would be having a horse that is stabled at a barn with a current infection being transported to another facility or event. Quarentines at the infected facilities have worked to stop any spread of the virus. After all, it was at a university which is really in the public eye. They took every precaution after the virus was diagnosed. I wouldn't personally worry about being in the same part of the state. I suspect the whole infection cycle is past but you could research that.
Bonnie Snodgrass
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Subject: [RC] virus and rides

Hi. I'm taking a poll. Every year for the last 12 yrs., our Medina Ohio Horseman's Council has put on a Competitive Trail Ride. It's been successful but I'm worried about this years ride held on June 21st and 22nd. because of the Herpes Virus that went around in Findlay. We are about 3 hours Northeast of Findlay.
I was wondering if anyone out there in Ridecamp World will not be going to CTR's or endurance rides in Ohio because of the virus? I've heard rumors that people will not be showing at shows this year for fear of their horse catching the virus. What about Equine Affaire? Do you think many horses will be seen there?
I'm interested in knowing what most of you will or will not be doing and what you think. What would you do even if you don't live in our State? I know this virus can be anywhere.
Thank you.