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Re: [RC] Spring Shots - Jennifer Judkins

Thank you Roger!  This is the way I like to give vaccs as well.  I have been criticized by my vet and co-barn mates for it.  Can't wait to have my own place;-) jennifer. 

 Roger Rittenhouse <roger@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Since I am in the process of doing this as most of us are.. I offer my
protocol -
I NEVER give multi shots - only one vac at a time. I space them out at ONE
week apart maybe 2.
I increase the vit and herbs that offer increase immune system enhancement.
I have give a homepathic remedy at times. Thuja is one.
I have not done any IN vacs.
I dont give flu have not done so for many years..
I only give vac to protect from the deadly diseases.
Rabies I live in the real forest..
now new

I will give the WNV this week as the mosquitoes are coming

I help the immune system all year with a product from Uckele -

When I gave every shot the drug companies made.. I had sick horses - every
So far going on 7 years no sickness.
Roger R

>>From: "Kathie Ford"
>>Subject: [RC] beet pulp and shots

& gt;>1. I'm getting ready for spring shots. Was concerned about giving all
>>e vaccines at the same time. Especially with the new WNV. Would it be
>>etter to have intervals for each separate shot? maybe a few weeks
>> For spring I usually give the 4 way, a rabies, Intranasal flu (the old
>>shot isn't effective where I live-only covers 1 or 2 strains I found
>>, strangles if necessary (an outbreak) and now WNV. I'm very concerned
>>hat administering these vaccines in the horses body all at once could
>>rwhelm their immune system and cause illness.
>>Any thoughts on this would be most helpful..
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[RC] Spring Shots, Roger Rittenhouse