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[RC] Fwd: Alert for Livestock, Poultry - Bob & Amber Roberts

At first I thought this was a joke, but it is not, so I'm forwarding it on:

>Alert from the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC):
>(Sent by Carla Everett, Public Info Officer, TAHC)
>The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has elevated the terrorism
>threat level to ORANGE, which indicates a high risk of attack to U.S.
>interests both domestically and overseas.
>As a result of the increased security level, foreign animal disease (FAD)
>surveillance should be increased nationwide. We encourage each of you,
>whether you are involved in disease? diagnosis, animal movement, or
>livestock production and marketing, to be particularly aware of any
>indication that could signal the occurrence of a highly contagious disease
>or any other unusual or unexplained
>adverse animal health event.? No potential FAD cases should be disregarded.
>Potential hoaxes should be treated as suspect incursions of a disease until
>proven otherwise.? Specific attention should be directed at livestock and
>poultry concentration points.
>Be particularly alert to these five signs:
>1.? Sudden, unexplained death loss in the herd or flock
>2.? Severe illness affecting a high percentage of the animals.
>3.? Blistering around an animal's mouth, nose, teats or hooves.
>4.? Unusual ticks or maggots.
>5.? Staggering, falling or central nervous system disorders.
>If you see something unusual, contact your local law enforcement
>authorities immediately and notify the Texas Animal Health Commission at
>1-800-550-8242.? (Or, if you reside outside Texas, please contact your
>state veterinarian's office.)
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