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Re: [RC] Arabian 'lines' in endurance - Heidi Smith

I'm just curious, in some dressage shows the prizelist will have the breed
next to the entries.  It is easy to see Hanovarians and Holsteiners seem
dominate the warm blood dressage shows.

In endurance is there any such record kept?  I"m wondering if there is a
line (not sure if that is the right word) of arabians that is more often
used in endurance then others.  I don't know the sires well enough to pick
up on it that way.

If any of you were to give an educated guess is the Polish more
then the Egyptian or the Crabbet more popular then the Polish etc etc. in
terms of entries in endurance competitions in the US.

In terms of entries--all sorts of lines are entered.  In terms of what
wins--you might find the following link of interest:


After studying pedigrees of endurance horses for over 30 years, I'd have to
say that CMK horses or crosses between CMK and other pre-WWII lines are the
dominant horses in the sport.  CMK horses are a small minority of the gene
pool, but they are extremely well represented in just about every aspect of
endurance in which one can count achievement.  A few other old preservation
groups of horses that only represent fractions of a percent in our gene pool
are also "over-represented" among the successful.  The main trend that one
sees in successful endurance lines is that they tend to be lines that have
not been markedly altered by specialization--for show or for any other
one-use purpose.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in looking at endurance
pedigrrees is to just look at the sires.  The dam lines are far more
informative, and often a top-crossed pedigree will have a Polish or Egyptian
sire line but still be predominantly CMK.  Horses that actually qualify as
CMK make up 3-5% of the gene pool--but 30-40% of top endurance horses.  A
similar percentage of top endurance horses are of predominantly CMK breeding
but do not qualify as CMK because they lack a CMK sire line.


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[RC] Arabian 'lines' in endurance, Ramspott.Kathy