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[RC] gas survey - Kathie Ford

Hi guys, well the "gas" survey I wanted to do ain't all complete but I thought I'd tell you what I found out. 
Since I didn't feedback from most of the midwestern states it is incomplete.  Anyway, just for fun...the lowest price was $1.42-1.49 in South Carolina, Georgia, and 4 corners, New Mexico area.
The east coast had various fluxuations between $1.65-$1.75; Maine, NY, Rhode Is, Virginia etc.
Mid-USA I only got responses from Colorado and South Dakota at $1.56-$1.75.
The western states were the highest; Idaho, Washington, parts of Nevada (did vary within the state),Oregon, Colorado and California.
What was interesting in California as usually there is a real price difference between some cities, I didn't see that this time. 
The main difference in cost seemed to boil down to the amount of extra taxes that are tacked on the purchase price.  And this varied from state to state.
Also, as one ridecamper shared with me California has mandated that we add certain "additives" that other states don't have to have in their fuel.
Another ridecamper also mentioned how the "contracts" were purchased for the oil prior to it coming to us and what happened in Venezula; in which he was very correct.
Anyway, I found it an interesting journey around the US "block" so to speak.
So, I guess to save money we could all eat a lot of Chili and unload in our gas tanks?!!!
(sorry I couldn't help it!)

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