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[RC] The Convention - goearth

Hello,  i have met new friends and thats my goal when i go to something like this.  Meeting people and putting faces to people and seeing them to the 'alter egos' we see on internet forums was refreshing, mainly because we seem to put our own perspective into what we believe them to be and not what they are at all sometimes ("i am what you are as you see me as..".  It was like a ride... 16 hours traveling and 30 hours there and to much to see and do ( i missed the aquarium and the civil war battlegrounds and thats what i went to see)and no time for sleep especially when in hotels you hear the toilets flush and the water pour and every time someone walks down the hall it awakens me from uncomfortable sleep.  I really don't like masses of people congregrated together en masse because i believe in the Peanuts viewpoint,  "I Love Mankind its People i can't stand".  Gave up my seat at the dinner/awards so the next group could set down.  Vonita and i tried to get more tables from the staff but all we could do was get a few more chairs at tables.  The room was packed and from afar i saw the Best Hat Award and it went to Robert Ribley.  Congratulations Robert. Missed the Dance so i don't know who won but it was probably one of the table dancers i heard about.   Angie, i just Love your enthusiam for all of life and am grateful for the time you spent telling me about Longstreet and the local history and wish i could have gone on the tours.  Too much to see and do and too little time.  The Calendars were discounted to 10$ and we passed out some for sale at rides thruout the country.  See Darolyn B, Becky H, Jerry F, Genie S-S, Roger R, Steve R, Becky G, and especially Jim H from ABC and John T who paid us in advance (John i meant it when i called you a Blessing)and i forget who else. Next year we need a Marketing/Sales person of some sort because we aren't good on some of the details. Whether its done again i don't know because our goal is to repay our patron saints (Jerry and Jeannie)and who knows if there will be profit this year to help AERC Trails and the KoGH.  The concept was good but as i told Jeannie as she left,  we didn't lose, we may not have won, but we played the game.  I went to Atlanta and now Chattanoga and 5-6 times to Reno and they all have their differances.  Reno has rooms for 50$ and cheap food and plenty of entertainment so the ones who went for the first time should travel to Reno and see a really full house and 4 times the vendors.  I was especially glad i was able to meet Truman (and talk physics)  and Jim and (tell him he done good) and Howard (you are a most charming and dedicated human being who i would value to be called your friend).  Spring flowers are coming and its gone from winter last week to spring this week and hopefully summer will hold its head for a while to allow us to enjoy this years rebirth in a slow and placid manner. I see AERC going in a very positive direction.  a very tird,  tom sites