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Re: [RC] breed standard - Heidi Smith

>One issue that we are frustrated by is the farm/stallion owner, whatever, who breeds innumerable otuside mares - who don't show up on THEIR roles, but in any case can end up being castoffs. One very popular stallion a few years ago covered over 60 mares before he was 3 and a whopping 212 AS a 3, coming four year old. OUCH! Hope he didn't produce too many of a couple of glaring faults that HE had!
This tends to be the aftermath of the "inspection" process known as the show ring.  I dunno if you are thinking of the same horse I am, Sandy, but in our breed we do have a stallion who was National Champion at halter at age 3 (I think)--which in itself is an "inspection" with a "high rating" by judges who are approved by the breed association.  I personally would not want the horse on my place as a breeding stallion, but because of the "approval" by the judges and the subsequent promotion, this horse to date has sired 605 registered foals.  (He is only 8.)  The very act of being "approved" (be it by show wins or by inspections) often causes very faulty stallions to be used far beyond what they should be, simply due to the fact that his particular extreme traits are one that a given inspector or judge happens to like.  People tend to flock to horses that someone else deemed worthy, saving themselves the bother of having to make their own decisions.  That's an unfortunate aspect of human nature.

Re: [RC] breed standard, SandyDSA