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Re: [RC] breed standard - SandyDSA

In a message dated 3/17/2003 4:29:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, dottiepaint@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

But what if that someone doesn't want a mentor?  What if they think they know it all -- even if they don't --- but then pump out 20-30 foals a year who may not even be functional due to rotten temperment passed on through breeding or conformation passed through breeding?

My thoughts exactly - and when one is TRYING to produce, ride, compete, breed ATHLETES who have at least a modicum of predicatbility in reproduction, it is a huge disadvantage to see the market flooded by inferior horses. Too many people think they know enough, don't NEED to know, because they see another big ranch succeed, or frankly don't give a rat's behind what they do to the market, the quality of future produce, or to their fellow "breeders". I am seeing fewer and fewer show barn/breeding rejects who are suitable for sport because these horses are more and more not only unsuitable for what USED to be and SHOULD be a Model and breeding class, who are also unsuitable as a western show horse (persish the idea that an Arabian should actually carry HIS TAIL other than perfectly FLAT!), and ultimately has had any little bit of athleticism bred out as well. There are SO MANY out here on the west coast, and people want big bucks for young horses who have poor joint insertion, pig eyes, poor angulation of the femur, hock, etc; bad temperaments, too short coupling...the list goes on. These are in the $5000 to $8000 range around here - and may not even be broke - or old enough - to ride! OUCH! We get people who snicker because we "only" breed a couple of foals every otehr year or so. Well, at least we breed to a purpose and as much as possible, knowing that these foals have a HOME - care, training, etc.