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RE: [RC] Shoe-pulling horse/Trailers - Snodgrass, Bonnie

I had short trailers put on my short backed mare because of the forging problem and the first time I did canter work out on the trails she ended up very sore in her hindquarters. I pulled those shoes right off. Never again! She is currently in Natural balance shoes on the front and St Croix eventers set back off the toes behind. Still not perfect but she never pulls a shoe, just hits the bottom of the front feet, clash, bang boom!
Bonnie Snodgrass
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on the rear with trailers on
both heel ends are often used on endurance horses

   Trailers on rear shoes with endurance horses surely do change the manner in which the horse unloads and moves his feet.
    Unfortunately, it also changes the dynamics of how the rear leg responds to that change...and it will show up in the hock, the stifle or lower back.
    I would recommend not using trailers or on rear shoes.