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Re: [RC] [RC] Camping on the cheap and coffee - Jim Simpson


I don't have pictures.  In one of your other posts about west Nile you
mentioned MN..  Are you in Minnesota?  if so you'll run into me at the rides
and I'll be more than happy to show you where we are at with our trailer.
We have a 22 ft Titan with 8X12 living quarters to work with.  Most of our
supplies came from menards and HQ red tag clearance sales.  My trailer has a
walk through door into the horse area so it gives us a lot of convenient
storage and port a potty/shower room once the horses are off the trailer
without sacrificing LQ space.  And yes they do look at me like I'm nuts when
I'm shopping for ideas.  Most of my ideas came from hours of searching plans
and floor layouts on the net.  I drug Jim through every trailer at the horse
expo looking at what we liked and did not like last year as well as begging
to look at every trailer we came across that had living quarters.  We are
still in the process of putting ours together.

Here are some of the things that did work real well.

Our trailer came with carpeting..like I'd ever what that in a horse trailer.
I got the maple hard word floor laminate off the clearance sale.  The stuff
the snaps together.  Since I had carpet we just used that as our backing.
It fits right into the trailer and is basically a floating floor snugged in
with shims.

For our walls, I have 1 inch ribs in the trailer wall and ceiling.  I used
the 1 inch polystyrene foam insulation between the ribs and the 3m spray
adhesive that goes with it.  Jim then screwed in 3/8 plywood over all the
walls on top of the foam. That gives us something to screw and nail into
with added strength.  This has held up really well with the temperature
extremes and the added insulation keeps the trailer much more comfortable in
cold and hot weather. We used the same insulation in the ceiling but I
skipped the plywood.  Our ceiling is a birch beaded paneling that was put up
with liquid nails and metal screws.  We did leave the upper corners of the
trailer open because we want access to the wiring and trailer running lights
if we ever have a problem.  We are planning to hang cabinets  so the gap
will be hidden + we'll have small stuff storage there.  Our outlets and plug
ins will be on the underside of the cabinets, again so we can have fairly
easy access to wiring.  Plumbing, gas lines etc will be on the floor under
the cabinets for the same reason.

For pretty (my favorite part), I used wainscoting and the press board
paneling that looks like wall paper.  The panel board is made to go on with
a glue similar to liquid nails.  I goes right over the plywood.  I used
regular light fixtures but wired them with 12 volt and use the 12 volt light
bulbs at you can also get at the home store.  We are going to use some of
the 12 volt under counter light ropes etc for softer lighting in the goose.

Another good place to check out for stuff that works is big boating stores.
They make water tanks etc for use where space is a premium.  Cabellos or an
RV outfitter is a good place to look for inverters and converters if you
need to switch  from AC to DC or DC to AC power.  If you are lucky enough to
come across an RV camper damaged by a storm you can usually save a bunch by
stripping everything out of it.

I am also very lucky that I have Jim who is wonderful at woodworking and
wiring.  That helps lots.  My guess is that by the time we are done we will
have put $2000 into the living quarters (that's with a full kitchen).
Sounds like a lot, but if you have the time it's sure cheaper than buying
the trailer already done.

Hopes this helps anyone who is trying to do this.  We are figuring it out as
we go.


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From: Laurie Durgin <ladurgin@xxxxxxx>
To: <simpson@xxxxxxxx>; <milinda@xxxxxxxxxxx>; <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2003 4:20 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Camping on the cheap and coffee

This is timely, My husbandis thinking about converting our gooseneck, it
a 3h slant featherlite, econolite. He wants to move the wall back to the
first stall, but I am iffy about that.It has a 2.5 foot of so short wall
the door is on the long wall. He really wants a shower and potty.I wander
around Lowes and Home Depot "gettting ideas" and the sales people think I
wacko, cause I keep saying "I"m just thinking".
So how about SOME PICTURES?????? thanks Laurie and Rascal

From: "Jim Simpson" <simpson@xxxxxxxx>
To: "Milinda Ellis" <milinda@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "ridecamp"
Subject: Re: [RC]   Camping on the cheap and coffee
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 09:41:31 -0600

Yes, I'm referring to the marine batteries, or what is known as an RV
battery, just like in the big people campers.  When we were in the
of still getting this put together, I found little jumper clamps at
and wired them to the (male end I think) of a truck plug in connection.
Then I could slide my battery under the front of my trailer and plug my
trailer light connection to the marine battery and have po

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Re: [RC] [RC] Camping on the cheap and coffee, Laurie Durgin