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[RC] Convention - Rides 2 Far

Hall of Fame Person: Earl Baxter of Canada
Very moving moment. Steph gave a great intro. Moving moment.

The speech for Zayanti was soo well delivered. Julie &  Bob had sent
roses and it was great. 

I didn't know Phyllis, but it was certainly easy to see that she was a
well loved person.  Standing ovations for all three awards.

As to the "Horse Deaths" forum. The board & vets had a special meeting
Fri. morning at 7 AM (Jim didn't get to the convention till 8:30?? or so
so I think it was started by others but I imagine he was involved Sat.
(just a guess he can tell you). I got the impression it was so productive
that they had another Sat. morn. at 7 AM. You could tell it had been a
very positive meeting and people felt good about the direction they were
headed. I'm sure someone will have a full report for EN.

John Parks did a very good job with the regional awards. He had put
together slides and everyone had their moment in the sun. 

I hooked up with a few people who were interested in civil war history
and we kinda hopped in the car and did a speed tour of battle sites and
scenic overlooks. It's good for you to have somebody from Maine (Tom
Hutchison) who knows as much or more about a battle that happened in your
front yard than you do).  But...ya'll won't believe my stupidity. I
realized sort of after the fact that I had to get together some thoughts
for the awards program and missed Susan Garlinghouse & most of Becky Hart
:-((  I don't think Becky has aged a day since I saw her on a video 15
years ago. She looks great and gave a good clinic on riding...(centered

I caught part of Nancy Loving. She had great gory slides of wounds. Love
getting to "play vet".  Lots of good advice on treatments but makes you
want to check your field for loose wire.

P.S. I typed this hours ago then my daughter took over the computer. If
others have answered since then just delete. :-)

Angie (I'm TARD and going to sleep!)

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:57:47 EST Merryben@xxxxxxx writes:
So who got in the Hall of Fame besides Zay?  I knew that Phyllis and 
horse were the pardners but who is the person?

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