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Re: [RC] Breed standard - Bette Lamore

Hello charlotte
Just saw your post. I agree with the fact that people will breed with no regard to genetics and what is ugly to some is another person's ideal (or so it would seem). we will not nor should we ever stop the back yard breeder---- this is America after all--- and I think it would be nice to have Approved stallions on the lines of the Polish and Russian stud farms who believed a horse should have good conformation and athletic ability (hence, all the stallions had to prove themselves on the track). Now while I don't think we have to make racing the criteria for approval, I would like to see some demonstration of athletic ability. I sat at Scottsdale as I saw the Champion stallion for that year unable to even trot out!! I noticed that his hip had no angle--- I was later corrected by someone who worked with the horse--- it did have angle--- it tilted UP!!!! Soooo it would be nice for people who have their favorite mare Bessie who is getting old and then want a replacement with the same temperament...etc to have somewhere to go to find stallions who could at least offer a degree of correctness and athletic ability to the mix. Also, temperament should definitely be an issue, although I have known of more than one sweet stallion whose temperament was damaged in the show ring--- not hereditary at all!!!
I am not implying that people could not breed to unapproved stallions---- merely that it would be nice for such a registry to exist for the person not really knowledgeable about conformation issues nor about what to look for in movement and I was there once--- takes years of experience, as you well know, and not everyone has the time to invest in that, yet wants to have their own baby to raise from their own mare--- whatever her flaws and strengths. I do, however, point out to owners flaws when I see them (and believe me I have to be careful about how I present them) and whether or not my stallion (or one of my stallions) was prepotent enough to correct the defect-- and if the defect is even something that the owner is concerned about.
I agree with you that I would not want the Arab industry to become a "Nazi" dictatorship and would not support such a registry unless I could be sure it was not politically motivated and run by the size of the checkbooks or the trainers behind it.

CMNewell wrote:

I agree that horses should be sound, and able to work. I was just wondering what everyone else thought. I like the way Fresians are done. They are judged on their type, and ability to do.

The Fresisian genepool is incredibly small, and they also have some weird rules--like yanking the breeding license of any stallion bred to a non-Fresian mare. I can do without that sort of micro-management, thankyouverymuch.

I'm not saying you couldn't register all Arabs, just that perhaps by having stallions, and even mares (since I am a firm believer in the foundation MARE) judge approved for breeding that it could help prevent bad breeding.

Won't prevent bad breeding--even two approved individuals can produce godawful progeny if they are not a suitable match. And once more, I think I am a better judge of the strengths and weaknesses of the lines in which I have an interest than some random judge chosen by geographic location.

I know that many people out there know when to breed certain horses, and when not to. But there are also those who just breed if they have the papers!

So? While it may be a stupid move, I don't feel that I have any inherent right to regulate that. Some people ought not to have children. Are you going after them next?

Perhaps I should restate myself. I don't think that only certain horses should be ALLOWED to breed, only that certain stock should be APPROVED to breed. If the horse doesn't meet standards, fine go ahead and breed it if you want. I just think that having horses judged to the standard, and soundness (I think that is the best way, abitity seems so pin-pointed) would help people to determine when to breed better.

That was the original intent behind breeding classes at horse shows, and look what damage *those* have done to various breeds. BTW, there are many many crippled warmbloods out there out of approved parents.

Again, I don't mean to make people all pissed off. I was just trying to test the waters, and I think I blew in a hurrican!

No; you just IMHO haven't looked deeply enough into the whole thing. Unintended consequences, and all. I am against narrowing the gene pool for specious reasons. Think about what a mess might have been made if approval of certain stock had been made before SCID was understood. We might have a far higher incidence in the breed than we do.

--CMNewell, DVM

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Bette Lamore
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[RC] Breed standard, CMNewell