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Re: [RC] Shoe-pulling horse - Jennifer Judkins

My Anglo Arab used to do this alot.  Same type back, big feet.  He stopped doing it with conditioning and more miles.  People always comment on how his back end sort of widens out, I assume to avoid smacking his front.  Haven't kicked off a shoe in over a year (and we still placed;-)

Are you sure he can't go barefoot?  Most horses will be ouchey for a few months when you pull their shoes but with time develope a nice tough foot.  I know that seems like a pain,esp as the peak of ride season is upon us, but kicking those shoes off can really beat up the foot.  I really did try with my horse but he is one of those that clearly does better with shoes.  Jennifer.

PS One plus to his conformation is that he will learn to kick the snowballs out of his front shoes.  My Manny does it all the time.

 Barbara McCrary <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I know that there is more knowledge and experience amongst Ridecampers than anywhere else I can think of.  So, I submit this question to all; perhaps someone out there can shed some light on this problem.
We have a very nice gelding, beautiful conformation but a very short, strong back.  He could carry a tank on his back, it is so strong.  But with long legs, a short back, and a long over-reach, he is a chronic shoe-snatcher.  The most recent incident shows that he is reaching forward and grabbing the medial branch of the left front shoe with his left hind.  It comes off with only a bit of a bobble in his gait.  I've learned to be suspicious when I feel that bobble.  This time, I looked down and thought I saw both shoes.  I was wrong, and about a mile later, he was flinching and I began to be suspicious.  Foolishly, I was not carrying an EZ boot and I rode home very carefully.  He is rather sensitive to being barefoot.  I thought that using over-reach boots was going to solve the problem, but that was not the case this time.  Putting EZ boots on over his shoes helps but I'd rather not have to do this.  Big nuisance.
Our farrier is excellent.  He could fit the shoes tighter but of course that is not good, as it causes contraction and lowered heels.  Does anyone have brilliant ideas on how to deal with this? 
Barbara McCrary

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[RC] Shoe-pulling horse, Barbara McCrary