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Re: [RC] Breed Standard - Heidi Smith

>I'm not saying you couldn't register all Arabs, just that perhaps by having stallions, and even mares (since I am a firm believer in the foundation MARE) judge approved for breeding that it could help prevent bad breeding. I know that many people out there know when to breed certain horses, and when not to. But there are also those who just breed if they have the papers! 
But you make my point.  Inspection is just another version of judging.  Our show ring has "approved" judges who supposedly know what they are doing.  Horses who "score" the highest in this "inspection" are the show champions.  And they are some of the worst specimens of the breed when it comes to utility.  And breeding involves a WHOLE lot more than taking horses that score high on inspections and breeding them to each other.  Successful breeding also involves the understanding of how different lines cross, what the ancestors were like, and a whole host of things beyond just looking at the horse in front of you and evaluating it.  Give me a breeder who has slaved and worked to garner a base of knowledge about what he is doing and who has the self-confidence to trust his OWN judgment any day of the week over a score-based, inspection-based breeding system. 
Just had an interesting discussion on another list about horses with good walks, and the differences in how the good walk is generated in different family lines.  This is the sort of diversity that is healthy for a breed.  And in that same discussion, several very competent breeders who have been involved with sport horses brought up the fact that with inspected breeds, one of those "styles" becomes the "norm" and the others are weeded out, even though they are athletic and equally correct.  That is the very sort of thing that limits the gene pool in many sport horse breeds, forcing them to go outside their artificially-limited gene pool to regenerate some diversity.
Not angry with you--just trying to illustrate the "box" that inspections cause for breeds.

[RC] Breed Standard, Kat Forst