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[RC] Breed Standard - Kat Forst

The judging criteria, in my opinion, and what I am pushing for would be based on the ARABIAN. For example the Arab is supposed to be between _hh and _hh. Neck should be___, etc.  There should be a range. If people want horses for a specific dicipline to be graded in their ability to do that, then that's another issue (ie. AWR) not a breed standard issue.

Don't quote me on this..(99% of all statistics are made up on the spot you know LOL) I  would say that at least close to half of all Arabian colts stay stallions. 

The abuse of politics, that will always happen. If there was a well written code of breed standard though, just about anyone with horse sense would be able to tell if the horse possessed it. 

The Arabian is fairly spred out over America, but is also a fairly popular breed. If there were one or two judges per region, I'm sure people would have one decently close to them. As far as vet checks, that is something all horse owners have to do.  If there were a say, 6 mth rule, it wouldn't be a problem.. IE- If you can show the judge papers from the vet dated sometime in the last 6 mths, then you shouldn't need one there. 

The idea of a member vote is great.  With our registries being in the US that wouldn't be to big a problem. 

Thanks for the input!   You made some VERY good points.

Kat d. Forst

Night Star Arabians

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