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[RC] Breed Standard - Kat Forst

    I've been looking around the internet for a while now, and have come to a conclusion. Many breeds are making it neccessary to have your colt/stallion approved to breed. This is keeping the qualties of the breed up, and the numbers of bad breeding down. Why don't the IAHA or AHR do that as well? A friend of mine told me that I should never let any but the best of my colts go without gelding, and I agree. There are so many stallions out there that just about anyone has one.

     Another issue that I have been contimplating is that any ol' mare is breed also. As many breeders agree, the mare is the true producer. So I think it would make sense to have them approved also.

    Just to make myself clear, I don't want to make this a big expensive problem for breeders. I just think it would help to control the massive over breeding.

     For example, the AWR has a point sytem for their stallions, if a stallion recieves a 7 or better, he gets a breeding license. This makes his offspring registerable. It also makes it easier to let people know what the stallion is like. You would obviously rather breed to a 9 point stallion than a 7. If the Arabian registries would do the same, and maybe include mares, then I can see a great improvement.

       The AWR also sends judges around, or appoints them in areas, not sure. These judges make it easier for owners to have there horses graded without having to travel to far.

         Now the reason for the post. I am putting this wherever I think it might be valid to see what kind of response I get. (Ride Camp, you get this especially!  I love the response this posting gets, whether positive or neg.  Also thought it valid due to the long thread about breeding!) If it's positive, I will try to talk to some of the bigshots at the registries.

      This is valid for ALL horses, so you QH, Paint, etc people don't leave out!  We'll see what happens! Appreciate ANY feedback or comments/suggestions!


Kat d. Forst

Night Star Arabians

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