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[RC] dead horse rule - Annie George

I have gotten many many, didn't count them but probably 25 or 30, private e/mails supporting my, and others, position on NO to the dead horse rule.  I completely understand the unwillingness to speak out publicly on controversial issues, given the likelihood of a darn good flaming. But allot of us  are pretty much a tough hard skinned bunch and extremely opinionated, and prone to over-speaking of our opinions. However, I still really encourage everyone to speak out. Telling me privately that you agree is very gratifying to me, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but everybody needs to tell the board. Tell ridecamp,or whatever endurance list you are on. If somebody flames you for your opinion, don't worry they will soon move on to flame somebody else, surviving regular flaming is the great indoor portion  of the sport of endurance. So please, on this and all issues, regardless of your position, speak up.  Annie G.                                                                    Anne George Saddlery        www.vtc.net/~ageorge