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[RC] Ideas for Education Committee - Stagg_Newman

Here is a summary of ideas that I have received thus far for discussion at
the Education Committee Meeting on Friday at 5.  The complete text of the
ideas is being sent to the members of the Education Committee.  I hope to
be able to check email after arriving at the convention.

                      Ideas for Education Committee

From Jan Jeffers:

The EC or its designate should have seditoral review of the articles appear
in the EN
Jan Jeffers

From Teresa Van Hove:

Create a pool of money that can be applied for to fund endurance
presentations at horse expo's and so on.

Develop and have available a pool of articles
that various riders/RM's had written that explained what endurance was
that RM's or others could submit to their local newspapers along with
any reqests for event listing.

From Stagg Newman

AERC should furnish a packet of information for newbies and
day riders that had key info (e.g. how to protect your horse) as well as a
pointer to the AERC web site for more detailed info and an application to
join AERC.

From Lynne Glazer

Earmark the $10 that is collected as a day member fee
for rider education both of members and for
outreach to people who are new to the sport.

From: DreamWeaver nvrider@xxxxxxxxxxx (Karen)

Ideas:  get with susan G. and others and rewrite the rider handbook.  Heart
monitors no longer cost $300, and while some people might think it's
desperately needs updating.

From; John Teeter <johnt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

set up the goals (member recruitment, newbie through experienced continuing
and special topics training, Vet/RM  recruitment and support materials
etc.)  Commit to the board to undertake a planning cycle between now and
midyear which can get underway then, fully funded in 2004?

tactical steps:

Work with Ride Managers Committee to develop a training video for new vets.
There is already budget for this ($2500?) but no work forward.

Develop a roadshow "And this is Endurance" which can be put on CD and given
to pony clubs and grass roots for new membership recruitment.

Put together an endurance clinic outline with support materials (especially
focused upon how to trot out and metabolically evaluate your mount).
Everyone should know how do a CRI:)

Support, with training materials and a speakers bureau, for regional groups
(PNER, SERA, etc.) for use at their conventions.

From Allison Farrin:

Develop advanced education for those of us who are good
but would like to be better.  I'd love a full day seminar on training
techniques, that includes interval work, examines per iodization as it
applies to endurance racing, ties in feeding for optimum performance and
use of nutraceuticals.  Some top equine exercise physiologists would be
a plus.

Undertake "get the word out" education.  We are still a
fairly isolated community among the greater community of horse owners.
I think part of our education budget could go to providing speakers at
various club meetings (arabs, walkers, morgans - maybe even the 1/4
horse people <G>) as well as pony club and 4-H.

Conduct newbie seminars too - but everybody will mention that.


From Susan Garlinhouse:

Organize introductory or advanced endurance seminars.

Maintain a list of qualified speakers available

and willing to teach to talk for an hour or two if the logistics can be
worked out.

Sponsor a full day, eight hour seminar in endurance nutrition and applied
physiology in conjunction with the national convention, everything from
basic concepts to advanced strategies.  (Susan Garlinghouse clinic)

Pay at least a token payment for some good quality educational articles in


From Stagg Newman

Sponsor Prevent Treatment campaign including

    rider/crew education and actions

    better identification of causes and warning signs

improved ride management and veterinary procedure.

From Teresa Van Howe

Create a brief (?) CD/DVD/Video tape, "demonstrating" a ride and what
especially with regards to the vet checks.  Demonstrations of how the vets
assess parameters (including how to take a pulse with (and/or without) a
stethoscope), with emphasis on teaching the rider to do their own; and also

on the necessity to train their horse to accept handling, thermometer,
sponging etc before attending the ride.  Should be 'saleable' online, or as

a clinic demo.

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