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Re: [RC] mare down after foaling - Stephanie E Caldwell

Thanks all whom responded, meant to post this last night, but didn't walk in the door until 10:30 after a long struggle with the mare and my own mare, again with the vet!
The mare got up, but she is still paralyzed from the hock down. He said he wasn't sure if/when it would get better, but given time she should adjust to it if it doesn't get better. She's eating and drinking well, looking perky, so...
Apparently what happend was the foal got turned around on it's back and couldn't come all the way out, it suffocated somehow, and in it's struggle to get out kicked her spine. She had a severly sore spot in her spine, so... They gave her several gallons of DMSO in her stomach via tube to reduce inflamation in her spine before it caused permanent damage.
She went under the fence with her legs, but she didn't hurt her legs... Pretty tough mare, but she's been a real trooper, very easy going through all of this!
On a lighter note, last night when Doc came out we were standing around the mare helping her balance, her owner's maybe 5' tall, very little man, all of us were little (2 men, 4 women), I'm byfar the tallest @ 5'6" with boots on... This mare is a true 18hh and Doc's well over 6' tall... He swore last night that he came back to the land of the midgets, I sure wish we'd had a camera to show all of us little people out there holding that monster horse up! LOL I also learned last night how to draw blood, by the time we got down to my mare we just wanted to be through, so Doc held her and I had to get blood for a CBC... Kind of scary, but I got her jugular on the first try!

[RC] mare down after foaling, Ed Kilpatrick