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Re: [RC] Camping on the cheap - Lysane Cree


I got most of my stuff in the Sears catalog - tent,
sleeping bag, air mattress, air pump, coolers,
flashlight...and a few items at Walmart.
Sears has a portable air pump for the mattress that is
rechargeable - I charge it up at home before I leave
and then it is good for the weekend. It puts air into
the mattress, as well as takes the air out. Wasn't
much either...maybe 20$ Canadian. Practically free for
Americans :)   Recently, I saw an air mattress that
already has the pump built in so that must make things
even easier. 
The tent I bought at Sears is also good and I got it
on sale - its quite big, a 6 or 7 person tent that is
6 feet high in the middle I think and I can put it up
by myself (it has those bendable rods with the elastic
through them) and it folds up into a pretty small bag
considering the size of the tent. Just don't wait
until you are at the ride to figure out how to set it
up :) you may end up cursing it alot, discreetly so
the people next to you don't think you have anger
management issues - how many times can you say F**in'
tent in one sentence? LOL Putting it up once or twice
at home and you get the hang of it. I know that now. 
But if you plan on sleeping in your trailer, the air
mattress alone would probably still be a good buy.
Sears also has all the camping accessories like
stoves, lamps, flashlights, etc..
Hope this helps, 


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