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Re: [RC] Camping on the cheap: suggestions? - Jennifer Judkins

Congrats on the new rig!  I'm sure you will get input from more experienced campers but I had to chime in as it is my most favorite thing to do with my horse!  Don't waste your time or money on a tent!  I got a great roll up hammock from EMS (29.95, I believe), hang it between two trees or in the trailer if raining.  I love to sleep out with the horses, sometimes wake to find them nestled down right next to me or with their nose nuzzling my ear (gives me goosebumps;-)  The rest of my gear I got from ebay, really cheap.  I think I paid 20.00 for my camp stove which is going on its 5th year.  Alot depends on what kind of camping you want to do.  If you are going to drive your rig there and stay, going out for day trips only, its alot simpler and thats what I recommend for someone new to horse camping.  Think water, fire, food, shelter.   Have fun.  Maybe see you in camp one of these days!  Jennifer (returning to lurk mode)

 "A. Perez" <walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Fiunally! My trailer has arrived! I pick it up a week from
Saturday! So I hope to make it to an LD ride or two this year!
Now that the trailer hurdle has been conquered, next is the
camping issue. I have *NO* camping gear, and want to invest as
little as possible this first year (may not have time or horse
to stay in endurance). My thoughts are to get a truck-tent
(about $180) and an air mattress. Any suggestions/
recommendations on makes, models or sources? Also need
something to make coffee - I can eat out of a cooler, but I
GOTTA have coffee - any portable stove recommendations? Or a
coffee pot that plugs into the cigarette lighter?
Any of you have any used camping equipment you'd like to unload?


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[RC] Camping on the cheap: suggestions?, A. Perez