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[RC] taking the plunge...or not - sharp penny

 I'm thinking about taking the plunge and trying a 100
next month. Ran into a friend this past weekend out on the
trail, she and her friend will be doing their first attempt
at a 100 and invited me to join them. Now I've been mulling
it over the past 2 days.
The trail is good for trying my first 100 on...it's a
trail close to home that I ocassionally train on and did my
first 50 on last year. I think Reno can do a slow 100 but
am wondering about me. I still get very sore after a 50 and
was wondering if I should wait to move up 'til I felt like
I could ride more miles after a 50. (Jim dancing around
after we completed Biltmore while I was in agony and just
trying not to puke comes to mind...lol )
I have been feeling better after a fifty then I used to
but, am still wiped and more than ready to stop. Part of me
really wants to try the 100; then there is that little
nagging thought in the back of my head saying it's waaay
too soon to move up to 100's as Ive only done 4 50's in my
entire endurance career (of a whole year..lol). Should I
just stick with 50's for awhile or go for it?

Also, I noticed alot of you take joint supplements. I went
to Wally World to get some and am now very confused as to
what to get. What do ya'll recomend and how much/day? I am
aleady taking Vit E. Besides Aleve or Advil, do ya'll take
anything to help your body during the ride?

 Thanks in advance for any pearls of wisdom you cast my


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