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[RC] Future prospects for bowed tendon/pulled suspensory? - Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

Today I'm having a bad day and could use some moral
support. Things seem to come in globs and right now
both my horses are out, one with a pulled suspensory/
strained tendon (front leg) and the other with a newly
diagnosed, but ~6 month old bowed tendon (back leg).

The pulled suspensory/strained tendon was diagnosed
as soon as it reared its ugly head and we're now four
months into the rehab program. She seems to be coming
along nicely with no relapses.

The more recently diagnosed bowed tendon (back leg)
in the other horse is what's causing me to be bummed.
Admittedly, he hasn't been on a proper rehab schedule
until now, although I've been eyeing that leg suspiciously
for many months and taken it easy on the occasional times
I have ridden him. He was also on limited turnout for the
last few months. Right now, he's confined and when I went
out this morning, the leg was puffy. He's an antsy horse
and not the type to take confinement very well and in
bleak moments, I despair of him ever recovering properly.

So, to my question:

What experience do any of you have with bowed tendons
and horses going back into work successfully after
having such an injury?

Am I dreaming? Or will both these horses forever be
relegated to "pleasure trail" horses, making sure we
never overstretch them or go more than 10 miles or so...?

Will both horses always have a weak spot in their respective
legs, meaning that they will never stand up to distance work?
(I'm not talking about top tenning here, just finishing
mid-back pack on 50s... During rides, we don't do much
speed work, but do seem to spend a lot of time going up
and down hills in the canyons/mountains.)


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Lucy Chaplin Trumbull
elsie AT foothill DOT net
Repotted english person in Sierra Foothills, California
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