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[RC] [Guest] TTEAM Balance Rein - Ridecamp Moderator

Naomi Preston mustanglady@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Speaking as a current TTEAM Practitioner, the Balance Rein is a very effective tool to lighten a horse that's heavy on the forehand. It's purpose is not to just stay with the horse at all. The purpose is to be able to give the horse a signal at his neck/chest, rather than on the mouth. By asking the horse from the chest, you can overcome resistance you may have by continually pulling on the horse's mouth.

In TTEAM, we use a couple of different types of equipment to get this effect. One is called the neck lariat, and it is a stiff loop of lariat rope. The other is basically a rein in a large loop. They each have a different "feel", but are both excellent tools for rebalancing a horse.

I currently am riding a particularly headstrong Arabian mare, who I have found both the neck lariat and balance rein to be very effective with. Previously to using them, pressure on her mouth would cause her to raise her head up and brace against any bit pressure. (Particularly in a ride situation, when she was feeling competitive.) Now I can ask her to half-halt or slow down her pace just by using the neck lariat, instead of the reins/bit. The neck lariat and balance rein can be used in a number of ways.......with the lariat I might use it a bit, then drop it on the horses neck and not pick it up until I might need it again for an aid. The balance rein can be held as a regular rein in the hands........and used in tandem with the regular reins.

I prefer to start with the neck lariat, as I feel it gives a stronger, clearer signal.

If anyone wants more info on how to use these, please feel free to contact me privately.

Naomi Preston
TTEAM Practitioner II
owner, Mustang Lady, AERC Hall of Fame 2001

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