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[RC] BOD Motions - Lauren/Gary

From: Michael Maul <mmaul@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Motions before the BoD and member discussion

There are some important items in motions to consider:

1.  Spending significant amounts of AERC funds - for example up to $5K per region for projects
for the education and benefit of AERC and endurance riding. Up to $45K per year nationwide.
I am uncertain about how I feel about this. Education is certainly interesting and beneficial.
However, I guess my concern is what the projects would be and how would the information be generated to the riders.

2.  That there be an AERC only email list. What should the goals of the AERC web site be?
Sponsorship/member interaction oriented or record keeping/rules oriented?
I read ridecamp on a daily basis. Mostly a lurker. I do get annoyed when people spout off that have not 'been there, done that.' Does an AERC members only list need to define what is discussed?

3.  To require rider and/or owners of horses, as a condition of
entry in AERC sanctioned rides, which die within 30 days after participation
in an AERC sanctioned endurance ride to waive any rights to hold treatment
records of the treating veterinarian confidential and which require the rider
and/or owners of any such horses which die within 30 days after participation
in an endurance ride to immediately give notice of the death to the AERC and
co-operate in it's investigative procedures.
I would be very interested in this subject. I am not interested in the 'who' but I am interested in the 'why.'
If I could learn from someone else's tragedy I would be very appreciative.

4. Changing the format for the ride time for a LD ride from the current 6 hours including
reaching criteria to 6 hours to reach the finish line.  Placings still determined by
reaching criteria after the finish line.
I feel pretty strongly about this issue. My own personal feelings on LD rides are that 6 hours is more than adequate time to complete the ride and reach criteria.  I have done several LD rides and since I will be riding a 4 year old this season that is all we can do. If she can't do 25 miles and reach criteria in 6 hours we are in trouble.
I am mostly a lurker on ridecamp and don't have lots of miles (only 850) but since I am an AERC member and I have a 'right' to voice my feelings, I took the bait:).  And Mike, thank you so much for keeping track of all the hot topics!

Let's hear from you.  The meeting is only 4 days away.

Mike Maul
AERC - Director at Large

Lauren AERC# 17353
Double 8 Ranch
Cody, WY