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[RC] yet another colic... - Kelly

Ok, I know I keep asking about what I feed and am
probably beating this into the ground, but I'm
getting really worried now. I've read so much
great stuff about beet pulp in books, on the
internet, and here, and really think it sounds
like some good stuff. Maybe I jsut have unusually
bad luck with colics? I just really want to
figure this out before it happens again, and at
this rate I'll never make it to an endurance ride
of any kind :(. My one gelding, the one I'm
trying to condition for endurance, obviously
colics from stress. He HATES being stalled. He
paces and gets all worked up and sweaty and wont
drink. The barn we were at would not allow
pasture board, so we found a new place where he
can stay out 24/7 and voila! no more colics from
him. *whew* About 2 weeks after we moved to this
new barn our older arab gelding had a torsion
colic and had to be euthanized. Now last week my
new QH mare (no endurance in her future) had a
bad colic scare, and had to be taken in to our
vet clinic. She had a bad impaction of grass hay
and almost needed surgery, but at the last minute
it passed on its own. I'm very frustrated by
this. None of them seem to be related to the
grain, but I've had lots of people tell me that
this is why they've all been colicking (colicing?
sp?) Like I said I *just* bought this mare, and
haven't even had time to worm her, so could that
be it? They did a fecal at the vet and she does
have a good bit of worms. If any of you could
give me some more of your great advice I'd really
appreciate it. I feed a 12% pellet and shredded
beet pulp, nice and soaked. Everyone around here
feeds pretty much straight sweet feed and alfalfa
hay, and think I need to switch to that. I just
don't think that's the way I need to go, but I
guess I do need to make a change? If you need to
know more about their situations and how they're
taken care of I can email you privately. I really
hate to clog up ridecamp with this. The only
thing that makes it somewhat endurance related is
that all of these vet bills are going to keep me
from riding for a while. *sigh*. I just have
always gotten amazing feedback from people here
and was hoping someone could help me out a bit
again this time.
Thank you in advance.
-Kelly and
Slim, the formerly very stressed out arab cross
headed for an endurance career,
and Lace, the big butted QH mare who's hopefully
headed for an easy trailriding, occaisional local
show career...

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[RC] exercise, Kathie Ford