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[RC] Dressage Saddles & Training - Zephyr Arabians

--- Heidi Smith <heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bottom line here is that if horses have poor back
conformation, saddles will
invariably slip.  If they have great back
conformation, saddles won't slip.

Yep.  And that's one thing I'm well aware of with my
mare that the saddle slips forward.  She has poor
"saddle position."  Although, it has improved
tremendously with conditioning. :)

That's why I wanted to answer the person who
originally posed the question.  If the horse has a bad
saddle slippage problem, a type of saddle may not be a

Also, "dressage saddles" are not necessarily going to
fit better.  Well made saddles that fit the horse can
be of any variety. :)

Oh, and Heidi and I have had the conversation about
dressage training before. :)  Many people confuse
"dressage" with "competitive dressage" when in reality
they are not necessarily the same; many dressage
riders will never set foot in a show ring.  The word
"dressage" means training, and good basic dressage
should ideally be the foundation of any horse's
training (and the rider's training too actually!). :)


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