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Re: RC: Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

Yes they will - but it still takes more work for the horse to carry the
load, even though they get in shape to do so. The task of the HW rider
is to ride 'better' and take the time to develop the ability of the
horse to carry the weight.
when I start a new one I ride as lite as I can well under 'race'
weight. After  x time I start to carry more 'stuff' until I get him
loaded the same as I will compete.
THEN I ADD up to 10 or 15 pnds more, Carry grain in the cantle and
pommel packs and carry more stuff on me.
I do most conditioning rides at about 10 pnds over what we race at.

I would love for my LW rider wife to run Omni in a flat race sometime,
but she cant get on him and would like the Theilwell pony rider, but
he would really fly.
With me hurt, I am trying to convince her to try him.
I could put her on him . hold until they said go, then catch him as he
comes into the VC and take her off.
Told her she would not have to worry about getting off while on trail
cause he would run the SE ride loops  (10 to 15 miles) within an hour

I also suggested duct tape as a means to make sure she stays on him.
hehe  . she has not jumped at the idea.

He would not even know she was there..
Seems to work well for me.


Thursday, February 14, 2002, 12:37:04 PM, you wrote:

Mac> I've been reading all the posts regarding HW vs LWT, etc. Have I missed it, 
Mac> or has anyone discussed the fact that the horse becomes conditioned carrying 
Mac> the weight it carries. I mean, if I jogged carrying 5 lb. weights I would 
Mac> probably get tired but slowly condition myself to carrying that weight with 
Mac> no thought. It would be as if I were not carrying any extra weight. So can it 
Mac> ever happen that a horse conditioned by a HW would perform like it didn't 
Mac> know it was carrying a HW? I'm a FW. If my husband conditioned my horse (he 
Mac> would be a HW) and then I rode the horse in competitions, would the horse 
Mac> perform better because he was carrying less weight than he was used to 
Mac> carrying?

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